2018 Workshops

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Meditative Yoga

Courtney LaMorte

Courtney has been studying yoga for ten years. During that time, she has become increasingly passionate about adopting and sharing yoga and meditation as a way of life, adaptable for anyone and everyone. She co-founded the Yoga/Meditation Club at William Paterson University to create a fun and mindful community on campus for students to learn together and from each other about the different types and benefits of yoga and meditation. Courtney’s goal is to make yoga accessible and relatable to everyone, regardless of physical ability, experience, or interests. She looks forward to incorporating the theme of Liberation into her yoga class at Mad Liberation 2018!

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Acro yoga

Acro Diva

Hi everyone! If this is your very first time doing Acro Yoga: Welcome, to an incredible experience! I loved Acro from the first moment I tried it! Exhilarating, challenging, fun times and a safe and loving atmosphere is what you can expect to get from me :) You’ll learn a basic understanding that can take you wherever your heart inspires you to flow :) Looking forward to sharing my 5 years of experience with you! It’s easy as 123 Acro!

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Medicines with the Hive

Queen Bee

This is a workshop that will include an understanding of what is found in the hive that can be used to help treat ailments, and illness's that may arise. Showing people where it comes from, what properties that it contains, how it helps the bees, and how it helps us. We will then be choosing from 2 products to make. Materials will be included in the workshop