Our Vision

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We aim to create an atmosphere of freedom and a liberating experience that opens the soul. Our festival is an open air space for artists and musicians of diverse backgrounds who have dedicated their lives to their craft to come together and share their unique perspectives with each other. We immerse people in nature in an effort to rebuild a connection that has long been lost in the United States today. A place of expression, equality and passion; Mad Liberation is a celebration of life, music, nature and freedom.  

Set deep in the Pine Barnes of New Jersey at Paradise Lakes Campground, the natural world thrives. Soft white sands blanket the floor while wild grass and mushrooms emerge to greet the world. Blood Orange sunsets paint the sky. The main stage sits lakeside, allowing the opportunity for a nice swim while you enjoy your favorite performances.

We offer you an opportunity. A chance to face your darkest fears and greatest desires head on. This is personal. This is about you. We invite you to join us on the spiritual experience of a lifetime. We are not fortune tellers. We do not know what's going to happen. The only thing we can guarantee is that after this weekend, your Life will never be the same.

What we expect from you

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Campgrounds: West Mills Rd, Hammonton NJ