There are a few key items that we recommend you bring and not bring.



  • A double skin tent that has both an inner and outer layer that aren’t touching each other. This is the key to staying waterproof! Outer tent gets damp, inner tent stays dry. For additional tools to ensure dry camping we recommend bringing a 10x10 pop-up tent to put over your tent itself (or a tarp strung across two trees) & a tarp underneath your tent (in case the rain water pools). Be mindful of where you camp. Higher ground is best, beware of the bottoms of slopes prone to flooding. If you’d like to go the extra mile, dig a small trench around the outside of your tent to direct rainwater away.

  • air mattress, sleeping matt, sleep with a barrier between yourself and the cold (potentially damp) ground.

  • Blankets and or sleeping bags


  • Bug Spray (pine flies are most active at dusk & dawn, beware)

  • Flashlights (You’re in the middle of the woods -away from the stage, its DARK)

  • Swim Wear. (there is a lake you can swim in) Or not. We don’t judge skinny-dippers.

  • Snacks & food! (There will be food vendors available if you’d rather pack light)

  • Sunscreen

  • Things that make you happy :)

  • Open Minds. This is a safe & welcoming community. We’re counting on YOU.

  • Your Friends!

  • Campsite Decorations? :)

  • Yoga Mat ( we have yoga!)

  • Hammock

  • BYOB

  • Your dancing shoes. LET THE ENERGY FLOW THROUGH YOU !

Dont Bring:

  • Weapons

  • Fireworks

  • Fire Grill (no open fires)

  • Glass!

  • Beef (squash it all at the door)


  • Cats (meow)

  • Fleshlights (unless thats your thing, but do pack a flashlight please)


Feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns: