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Brown girl party -- @browngirlparty

BrownGirlParty started out in 2013 as a joke between Milloux SG (@Milloux) and I (@MissJessaJordan). It was a moment bursting with high energy, respect, creativity and love. We were stoked about the amount of Brown and Black womxn around us, creating and supporting each other. I bottled that moment and birthed it back into the world in 2016 as a t-shirt company with one aim: to inspire Womxn/Grrls of Color to live their most authentic and unapologetic lives full of self love, support, ambition and creativity.


Bandulu Culture Espionage -- @banduluculture

Bandulu Cultural Espionage is a DIY clothing and skateboard label run by artist, Joey Bottino specializing in  small batch/limited releases and one of a kind merchandise. Bandulu is run in conjunction with Breaking the Common Era Zine, an arts and culture zine in print format, hand cut and paste also headed by Joey Bottino.

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Lola Traps -- @lolatraps

An expressionistic artist based in Newark, Lola plays with color, tones, and emotion through a variety of mediums, including: mixed media collages, paintings, and film photography. Through associating a color with an image, whether it be from the head or a quirky magazine, Lola forms a concept deep enough to enable deep thinking. 


Andrew Lackland -- @eggeyed

Vaguely spooky, definitely silly hand drawn illustrations screen printed onto a variety of papers and fabrics. In addition I make paintings, sculptures, things in between and whatever other semi developed concepts which manage to take form! Whether you're looking to buy some art, just look at some stuff, or talk to my guardian angel cpr baby Roger, PULL THROUGH!