pink siifu


Prolific multi-genre rapper/ producer/ singer/ artist Livingston Matthews, first came to our attention in conjunction with our discovery of the legendary Dallas-based label Dolfin Records. The styles Pink Siifu displays might be classified as rap, Neo-soul, & punk; but even that it isn't doing his sound justice. When rapping, his cadence & voice sit somewhere between the deep growls of vocalists zeroh and Gonjasufi: he spits intricate, streams of consciousness that stretch syllables to their extremity. When singing, he moves from a husky grumbling to a throaty, amorous mid-range similar to that of Anderson .Paak. Finding the parallels between projects requires several listens, as Matthews moves from one lyrical topic to the next with little hand-holding. He is a ceaseless wanderer, someone for whom the journey remains the end.