an ambassador

Thanks for your interest in the Mad Liberation Ambassador program. Our team puts a large amount of love and energy to put this event together, but the real magic happens when the campground opens. Our movement thrives on the diversity and depth of our crowd. The bigger the movement grows, the more we can spread the message of Love For All. We need your help- your creativity, energy and reach are key to helping us grow. Our movement is not exclusive, the Ambassadors are a key component to our success.

Being a grassroots movement, we create an optimal experience with very limited resources. Our marketing budget is strapped and we have to be creative. Luckily, we have some background in guerilla marketing and we hope to spread that knowledge. Our Ambassador program organically grows the festival and gives incentive for you to squad up. Ambassadors can earn a free or discounted ticket by having others purchase tickets. When you join the program you will be given a unique code that provides anyone who uses it a discounted ticket- if eight people use your code, you get a free ticket, easy as that. If you sell five, you will receive 50% off. There are no caps to incentives and we are working on more incentives for those who go hard!

Ambassadors are enthusiastic, understand to our mission, are active in the music community and know their local area. Going out to shows, slapping stickers, sharing content, hitting up the homies are all great ways to spread the word.