Rap music and hip-hop culture have long been the lifeblood of Poughkeepsie-based producer ewonee .. Growing up in Mount Vernon, New York, he claimed the same home base as pioneering rap groups like Heavy D & The Boyz and Pete Rock & CL Smooth for much of his life. “Me and Pete Rock are actually from damn near the same neighborhood,” he tells me with a laugh. “The park where I grew up playing, the playground where I grew up seeing all the shit I wasn’t supposed to see, it’s got a mural of Heavy D in it.” Whether using live instruments, samples, or field recordings, for ewonee . it’s all about capturing his feelings into each song and transmitting them to the listener. “I feel like emotions translate into sound very easily,” he says. “I used to love to draw and I skateboard. All of that deals with a lot of emotions and getting it out. I can’t really translate what I’m thinking on a the skateboard that easily, I can’t really translate how I was feeling with drawing as easily.”