This is our fourth year putting on the festival. In the past, we have not had too many small children, however we do have plenty of great music and activities for all. We do want to mention that some of our artists may not be sutibale for younger kids. We offer a free space for sonic experimentation and things can get a bit different for the average listener. My best recommendation is to check out our Artists and Experience to have the best sense of what type of music and experience to expect for this year. If you would like to bring your child, we strongly recommend investing in noise-cancelling ear muffs to protect those young ears from loud noise. We also recommend that you let us know when you arrive so that we can help you find the best camping spot available, peaceful and far from any of our stages, so that you and your family may be able to find proper rest when you need it. Our music runs 24/7 round the clock and it will be overwhelming & unpleasant for a family to camp in the middle of the action.