Jehovah’s Princess


“I was never allowed to scream. So the screams stayed in my head and tormented me physically/mentally. I realized keeping it all inside was literally killing me. All the drugs, psych ward stints, it ain’t cute. I’d rather be fucking up people’s brains for the improvement of society rather than them fucking mine to death. I will never be controlled. Fuck that bullshit.”

Scherina Jade-Jah(Jehovah’s Princess) is a Panamanian-american queer multidisciplinary artist raised in ATX and currently residing in NYC. Homeless in high school due to challenging their upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness, they sought to express their frustrations with social ignorance and systematic oppression, reiterating “Complacency is not sanity”.

They received a full scholarship to NYU to study the intersections between AI and the music industry. However, they found themselves struggling to attend due to NYC’s cost of living and a general lack of connection between themselves and the faculty/student body. After a year of isolation and then finding family in the NYC underground, they officially “lost their mind” in a healthy way and founded Apostate Records along with Jehovah’s Princess in 2019. An abrasive industrial noise/dance project involving murderous screams, JP seeks to expose the dystopic state of society and dismantle isolation experienced by like minded individuals. Topics include sex work, drug abuse, God, and systematic oppression. Their debut EP is set to release whenever the fuck they feel like it.